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Your moment, make it a good one

momentFast forward many years:  The master plan was kind to you.  Your “moment” has come. You had a nice run, and you’re ready to check out.  Hopefully, you won’t be in too much pain.  (If as you read you’re getting uncomfortable or intrigued, keep reading, because here is where the story gets interesting).  A lot of what you have done in your life was wanted or needed but not so important (e.g., running errands, doing laundry, amassing your fortune), and a lot of what you have done will matter more than you can ever know.

Your children (now adults) are at your bedside.  When you look at their beautiful faces, you see big versions of the little creatures that you coddled and corrected, nourished and nurtured, and above all, loved.  They are complex individuals, adults with free-will, who live in a world with great influence.  Of course, you are not directly responsible for their trials or triumphs, yet so much of who they are came from what you did.

In this moment you reflect on the most important and influential job you ever had: parenting.  Will you know in your heart that you gave your children all that you could to help them become happy, healthy and productive citizens of planet earth?  Were you a Maximum Strength Parent?  This is your “moment.”  Make it a good one.