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Where there’s a Will there’s a way – The importance of having a Last Will and Testament

willSure it’s an unpleasant topic, and of course, we can’t control the world from the grave, but having a will is an important legal document not only for leaving assets to loved ones, but also for naming a guardian for children, and naming somebody to manage any asset they inherit.  Also, by having a will things become a bit less challenging for loved ones, and confusion and conflict can be minimized or prevented.

If you cannot afford an attorney or if you do not want or need and attorney, you can write your own “do-it-yourself” will. There has been a proliferation of self-help material (e.g., books, websites) that take you through a series of questions to facilitate the process and produce a legal document that can take care of basic and important concerns. Our purpose here is not to provide a primer on the legalities of wills, but simply to provide a gentle reminder about the ease and importance of writing a will, so as to ensure the proper care of children.