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Washing Hands

“Did You Wash Your Hands?!”

  • Encourage your child to wash hands as part of a daily routine (e.g., before eating, after using the toilet before coming in from outside, messy activities, etc).
  • Have your child help you wash dishes.
  • Provide your child with a basin filled with soap and water.
  • Have your child wash dolls, dishes or toys.
  • Give your child a piece of Play-Doh or clay.  Place it between your child’s hand and rub them together.
  • Apply lotion to your child’s hand. Practice rubbing your child’s hands together.
  • Provide soap in a pump.  It is easier to use.
  • Allow your child to wash your hands.
  • Have your child stand by your side, so that the two of you can wash hands together.
  • Give your child direction on how to wash hands.
  • Point to the sequence that is required in washing hands.  For example, first point to the water, then the soap, then the water again.
  • Stand behind your child and place your hand on top of your child’s.  Physically take your child through the sequence of washing hands.
  • Gradually fade away cues as your child is able to independently wash hands.