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Vocal Play

Givin’ & Takin’; Takin’ & Givin’

From birth, your child is learning the power of communication:  He cries, you feed him, cuddle him or do whatever it takes to make him feel better.  Your response to his sounds helps to create the foundation for language.  Children typically use their voices to relate to their environment.  Cooing and babbling are early stages of speech development.  Children then begin to strings sounds together in order to form syllables.  They incorporate different sounds and intonations of speech by mimicking what they hear. Imitation occurs when a child repeats what you say.  This is an important skill that occurs early in speech and language development.

  • Let your child touch your face as you speak and playfully vocalize.
  • Don’t be afraid to sound “silly” and imitate your child’s babbling.
  • Have fun with noises such as clicking your tongue making raspberries and kissing sounds.