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Visually Matching Identical Letters in a Group of Different Letters

“Reading…The Only One Of The Three R’s That Begins With “R”

children-readingActivity: Your child will match the letter given on the left side of the page to the identical letter on the right side of the page when given a choice of four letters (one identical, three different).

  • Divide up paper as shown in the example, with one letter to the left and four letters to the right (use only capital letters).

M     O M V P

T      T A L B

D      C N R D

S      K S W Y

K      R T K L

  • Point to the first letter on the left at the top of the page (M). Say “Look at this letter”. Then point to each letter to the right, saying “Now look at all the letters. Which one of these letters is the same as this one (M)?”
  • Tell your child to point to the letter he thinks is identical.
  • If your child is correct, go down to the next letter on the left, following the same format. Continue until your child has matched all the letters on the left with the identical letter on the right.
  • If your child does not match the first two letters, point to the correct letter, saying “No, this is the right one. See, they are identical. This is the letter M (to the left) and this is the letter M (out of the four choices to the right).”
  • Go on to the next letter on the left and encourage your child to find the identical one. Continue giving verbal and/or physical cues until your child can see the pattern being set and find the matching letters.

Once your child is able to match these first five letters, write up sheets that have every letter of the alphabet represented to the left in capital letters. When he has matched all capital letters, move on to matching all lower case letters using the same format.