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Using Plurals

“Have Any?  How Many?”

  • Approach your child with multiple objects that are the same (e.g., blocks, shoes, cars).
  • Hold up the objects and ask, “What are these?”  Then hold up one and ask, “What is this?”
  • Look through picture books.  Ask your child to name single items and then point to multiples and ask him to name these items as well.
  • Emphasize the “s” at the end of words.
  • Use numbers when labeling objects (e.g., one block, two blocks).
  • Model the use of plurals when necessary.  Provide your child with as many opportunities to use plurals as possible throughout the day.
  • For irregular plurals, model correct uses (e.g., mouse-mice).  If your child says, “I see two mouses,” you say, “Oh, you see two mice?”  Remember do not criticize your child’s incorrect responses.  Rather, just rephrase it correctly.