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Using a Napkin

“Wipe That (Messy) Look Off Your Face!”

  • Give your child opportunities to wipe his face with a cloth, towel, blanket, tissue and wipes.
  • Point to the napkin and then to your child’s face.
  • Physically place the napkin in your child’s hand and guide it toward his face.
  • During play, have your child wipe the doll’s face and hands. Then have your child do the same on his own face.
  • Verbally instruct your child to use a napkin during meals to clean his own face while you are physically wiping your face.
  • When taking a bath, have your child wash hands and face with a washcloth.
  • Give your child a napkin during all meals and snacks.
  • With practice, your child will learn to use a napkin appropriately.