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Understanding Quantity Concepts

“Less Is Less” & “More Is More”

This technique can be used when teaching other quantity concepts as well (“all”, “some”, “rest of”) as well as comparisons (“more”, “most”, “least”).

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  • Throughout the day, ask your child to give you one of a given item when presented with several: one block, one car, one animal when playing, one book when reading, one cracker when eating, one cup, one napkin, one spoon when setting the table, one video when watching T.V., one diaper when time to be changed, one crayon when coloring.
  • At first, give your child only one object at a time.  Ask him to give you one block when only one is in view. This way your child will be successful. Then give your child several items. After he has selected one item, remove the rest.
  • Use hand over hand guidance to assist your child to select one object from many.
  • Present your child with examples of “one” and “many” (e.g., many blocks in one container and only one block in another.
  • Hold up one of your child’s fingers and point to only one object.
  • Present your child with one object and verbally emphasize the word “one.” Do not label the object.