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Understanding Groups

“Like Two Peas In A Pod”

Your child’s ability to group is very important in organizing and making sense of his surroundings. It helps him to gather familiar information and take in new information.

  • Organize toys by categories in different bins/areas (e.g., cars with cars, blocks with blocks). Prompt your child to help put away toys in their appropriate place.
  • Place one object from each category into a bin so your child has a visual cue.
  • Read books to your child on animals, transportation, foods, etc.
  • Allow your child to help put away the laundry (e.g., socks in the draw, shirts in the closet, etc).
  • Ask your child to help put away the groceries (e.g., snack in the cabinet, fruits in the draw, vegetables in the bin).
  • Talk about and describe the various objects and why they belong in the same group.