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Understanding Differences

“The Same, But Only Different”

  • Talk about how objects are the same and how they are different. What makes them the same or different? Is it the color, shape, size, function, etc?
  • Show your child 2 items that are identical or very different from one another. Describe what makes them that way.
  • Present your child with several objects all of which are the same except for one (all spoons and an apple). Observe how your child explores the objects.
  • Have your child place all the same objects in one container and the one that’s different into another. Ask him place an object in the container with the others that are the same (e.g., spoons with spoons, forks with forks).
  • You can teach your child the concept of “same” and “different” throughout the day.
  • While playing with toys give your child several blocks and a ball. During mealtime, give him several spoons and a cup. While dressing, give your child several socks and a hat.
  • Increase the complexity of the concept by presenting your child with several objects that are identical and one that differs slightly (e.g., 3 red blocks and a blue one; 3 toy trucks and 1 toy car).
  • Group together various objects that are the same and those that are different.
  • Point to the object that is different from the others.
  • Give your child a description of the objects and explain to him why it is the same or different.