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Understanding “Big” And “Little”

“Jumbo Shrimp?”

Help your child locate items around the house and outdoors that are big and little.  Present him with various objects that are big and little and place them in piles.  Label the objects by size and name

  • Point out size differences in similar toys (e.g., “big car” and “little car”).
  • Point out size differences in clothing (e.g., mommy’s socks, Junior’s socks).
  • Point out different sized foods (a piece of bread and a cracker, a nectarine, and a grapefruit).
  • Sort objects into a “big pile” and a “little pile”.  As you place each object into the appropriate pile identify it
  • by its size and name (e.g., the big sock, the little sock).
  • Notice differences when you take walks (e.g., big trucks and little cars; big trees and little bushes).