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Understanding And Labeling Colors

“Color My World”

  • Start with primary colors (e.g., Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet).
  • Select objects that are different only by color (e.g., crayons, blocks, pegs).
  • Have your child sort the objects by color first to make sure he can tell the difference between the colors (e.g., all red objects in the red box, yellow objects in the yellow box, blue objects in the blue box).
  • Verbally label the color of the objects as you place them in the appropriate box.  Remove the colored items from the boxes and place them in piles.  Give your child one of the objects and label it (e.g., “Here is the blue block”). Ask for it back (e.g., “Give me the blue block”).
  • Reward your child and reinforce the color-concept (e.g., “Thank you for the blue block”).

You can use several fun activities to teach your child his colors:

  • Arts and crafts (e.g., pasting colored circles on paper, coloring with crayons, painting, etc).
  • Building with colored blocks/Lego’s.
  • Placing colored pegs into a peg board.
  • Sorting laundry (e.g., blue jeans, white socks).
  • Mealtime (e.g., red apple, green beans, yellow corn).
  • Taking a walk (e.g., picking up green leaves, pointing to all the blue cars, red fire engines).