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Understanding And Labeling Actions/Verbs

“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”  (But Words Describe Actions)

Verbs are action words.  They are particularly fun to teach a child because you and your child can act them out.  Use physical prompts to assist your child to perform these actions.  Narrate the action as it is performed.  Children usually enjoy physical play, so use words to describe his actions: Running in the park, Smiling at you, Climbing on the couch, Jumping up and down, Pushing a bike, Drinking juice, Playing with toys, Pulling a wagon, Digging in the sand, Drawing/Coloring with crayons, Crying, Playing music, Kicking/catching/throwing a ball, Dancing, Riding in a wagon/car, Washing and splashing in the bathtub, Eating a cookie, Holding a cup, Crawling/Walking/Jumping, Resting in bed, Waving “Hi” or “Bye”, Swinging on a swing, swinging a bat, Sleeping in bed, Reading a book, Hugging/Kissing, and Talking/Singing.