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Tracing Own Name

“Sign On The Dotted Line”

To help your child learn to trace over letters in his name already written, here are some activities that you can do:

  • Have your child first trace over the name with the pointer finger when it is raised, to help your child see how the letters are formed. You can use items such as dried glue, beans, or sand to make the letters in his name on paper. Have your child trace over each letter with a finger, saying each letter out loud while tracing it.
  • Next, draw your child’s name with a black magic marker on paper, making the letters fairly big. Have your child now trace over the already written letters with a highlighter pen (so you can see whether he can stay on the lines or not).
  • As your child becomes proficient in tracing the actual letters, you can make the letters with dotted lines. Tell your child to complete all the letters in the first name, connecting all the dotted lines.