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The Terrible (or Terrific?) Two’s

The “Terrible Two’s” need not be “Terrible” at all.  In fact, the “Terrible Two’s” could just as easily be called the “Terrific Two’s”.  The supposed “Terrible” aspect of a child’s second year is the quite normal drive for independence. So, please remember the consequences of choosing to label your child’s second year as “Terrible”:

(1) By assuming the “Terrible Two’s” is “only a phase” you may be inclined to “make excuses” for behavior that you would otherwise more proactively try to manage.

(2) By assuming the “Terrible Two’s” is “only a phase you may be less effective and therefore less satisfied in parenting. This, of course, increases the risk for experiencing the “Terrible Three’s” and the “Terrible Sixteen’s” (which is the “Terrible Two’s” multiplied by 8!).

(3) In choosing the label “Terrible” you might miss out on some of the fun and beauty of your child’s 2nd year. During your child’s temper tantrums you may choose to be happy or proud rather than frustrated.  Happy or proud?!  Yes, happy/proud with your rational response that teaches your child that tantrums do NOT result in a positive outcome. In fact, this is what the world will teach your child, so by not “giving in” to Junior you will no doubt experience intense screaming and protesting, but you should also be happy/proud that you are giving the right message

Is it the “Terrible Autumn” or is it a “Terrific” and beautiful season that leads to new growth and maturation in the spring?  “Terrible” or “Terrific,” you must choose, be wise my friends in naming the “Two’s.”