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Telling the Name of a Parent

“Family Tree”

  • This skill becomes very important as children become more independent. If separated from you, Your child will be reunited with you much faster if your child can give your name.
  • Help your child to understand the difference between first and last names by using his name as an example (e.g., your first name is….., your dad’s first name is …..).
  • Once you have given Dad and Mom’s names several times, play a game with your child. Give a variety of first names and tell your child to respond when hearing Mom or Dad’s. Prompt if necessary until he independently identifies the names consistently.
  • Repeat the same activities, however, this time give your child Mom and Dad’s last names (if Mom has kept the maiden name, this will be a little more difficult).
  • Once your child seems confident, do role-playing. Pretend your child is in a store and has become separated from Mom and Dad. Pretend you are the store manager and ask “What is your Mommy/Daddy’s name?”