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“Tumbling Tykes”


  • Don’t be afraid!  Show your child how it’s done!
  • Talk to your child about each action while it is happening.
  • Have your child squat down and put both hands on the floor in front. Tell your child, “Tuck in your head to your chin,” modeling the action.
  • Slowly bring your child’s shoulders down to the ground, rolling your child through the somersault slowly. Repeat several times.
  • Encourage your child to attempt the skill independently, standing close by for assistance.
  • Talk your child through each step if he needs assistance.
  • Watch to see that the head is tucked in well before your child begins rolling, your child is not consistently rolling to the sides, and he is getting enough momentum to begin the roll (If not, show how to rock back and forth to give your child momentum to go forward).