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“Don’t Skip The Basics”

Skipping can be a difficult skill for your child as it requires using both sides of the body in a cross pattern (i.e., left arms swings forward as right leg swings up, and visa versa).

Your child generally needs to feel comfortable hopping on one foot to advance to this skill.

  • Demonstrate the complete skill for your child first, talking as you are completing the action.
  • Repeat the skill several times as your child observes.
  • Have your child imitate the swinging arm motions as you slowly model.
  • Next, have your child imitate the “step-hop” motions of the legs with you.
  • Finally, have your child imitate the “skipping” motion, using both arms and legs. Move as slowly as you can while demonstrating the skill for your child.
  • Once your child is comfortable, encourage him to complete the skill alone while you observe.
  • As your child’s skipping movements become more coordinated, you can make the activity more challenging by having your child skip in a circle, skip in a left to right pattern while moving forward, and set a time limit from start to finish with boundaries set up.