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SILENCE! (for your moment of Zen)

boy-on-motorcycleWhen was the last time you were in total silence for 20 minutes?  I mean total silence.  Not with Seinfeld or Green Eggs and Ham.  Not with Barney or Beethoven.  Not with anything, and I mean anything, except silence.  Try driving with the radio off; try falling asleep without the television; try exercising without music.  Initially, your head will clamor.  You will generate “to do” lists and likely review angst-laden thoughts of the past (which is uncontrollable) and the future (unknown).

Practice your silence 20 minutes every day this month and make it a priority, like the laundry. Focus on your breathing, as it is naturally rhythmic and soothing.  With time, the clamoring in your head will likely settle, and you may, just may, experience the most wonderful of all sensations: internal calm, peace, and appreciation of the moment.  Then you will be in a much stronger position to take on the challenges of your day.  Indeed, fruits and vegetables are part of your diet, but don’t forget your daily portion of quiet!

Remember the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said, “Nothing can bring you peace, but yourself.”  And then there was Albert Einstein, who mused, “Man is, at one and the same time, a solitary and a social being.”