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Sight-Reading One’s Own Name

“Hey Mom, That’s ME (albeit represented in letter form)!”


8-10 Index cards, one with your child’s name printed on it and the others with different names printed on them (at least one or two with start which with the same letter as your child’s).

  • abc-blocksShow all the index cards one at a time. Tell your child the name that is on each card. When you say your child’s name on one of the index cards asking, “Whose name is that?” If your child does not say “My name”, encourage him to say it.
  • Then, mix up all the cards. Take three of the cards, with one of them being your child’s name. Lay them on the table in front of your child, and ask him to find the one that says his name.
  • If your child finds the correct name, give lots of praise, and let him find the correct name (Your child’s) when given three other choices (make sure one of the names starts with the same letter as your child’s).

If your child is consistently identifying the correct name in this game, here are some other activities you can try:

  • See if your child can consistently identify the correct last name when given a choice of three.
  • Make a list of many names in a vertical column, with your child’s name appearing at different intervals in the column. Tell your child to circle “Your name” whenever he sees it.
  • Give your child a magazine and say, “Circle any words that start with the same letter as yours.”