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Showing Toy Preferences

“What’s Your Favorite?”

As independence and individuality grow, your child will likely show an interest in some toys over others.


  • Expose your child to a variety of toys. Don’t limit the exposure to “toys” only. Your child may prefer to play with “adult” objects such as pots and pans, brooms, dusters, magazines, etc as he sees mom and dad use these often.
  • Make sure that your child’s toys are generally within reach when possible. If toys are up high and cannot be reached, he will most likely forget about them. As children become more independent, they often want to go and find toys themselves and do not want a parent to retrieve them.
  • A “favorite toy” is often something “soft and cuddly” such as a stuffed animal. If Your child is always carrying around a favorite “Teddy”, encourage involving the bear in play, such as feeding him, putting him to sleep, etc.