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“Show-and-Tell Scaffolding”

Text Box:  “Show and Tell” is an easy way to remember and implement the technique of scaffolding.

“SHOW” involves providing your child with “hand-over-hand” guidance and/or modeling/demonstration. The hand-over-hand guidance may be a necessary first step to teaching Junior a new skill, but soon you should be able to fade the hand-over-hand prompting and simply model/demonstrate the appropriate behavior for Junior. 

The next step is “TELL,” which involves giving your child verbal instructions/explanations. First, you will likely need to use gestures and contextual cues as you speak, but as Junior’s understanding improves, you will ultimately be able to fade the cues and simply request or talk to Junior about the appropriate behavior. 

In the “F.E.A.T.S.™ Techniques” that follow in the next 5 chapters, we have included examples of “Show-and-Tell Scaffolding”