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Shaking The Head “No” & Saying “No”

The “No” Way

The word no indicates refusal, rejection or disapproval  Shaking your head from side to side is an action which nonverbally conveys the same meaning. 

  • Physically remove/redirect your child away from inappropriate activities.
  • Shake your head “No”, and accompany the gesture with the word.
  • Consistently say “No” and shake your head in
    various situations (e.g., to protest, to indicate refusal, to deny/decline).

  • Use firm touch, shake your head “No” and say “No” when your child is taking a “forbidden” object.
  • Remove “forbidden” objects from your child’s hands, shake your head “No” and say “No.”
  • Give him many opportunities to indicate “No” with a shaking head, or saying the word “No” by providing your child with choices throughout the day (e.g., “Do you want ____ ?”).
  • Offer your child two objects (e.g., two foods, two toys), one of which is a favorite and the other less desirable. Give him the less desirable one first, providing the opportunity to reject it.
  • Offer undesirable options which you know he will reject (e.g., “Do you want to go to sleep?”).