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Riding a Tricycle

Riding a Tricycle with Pedals, Maneuvering Around Obstacles, Turning, Stopping and Starting


To determine if the tricycle is the right size for your child when on the seat, both feet should rest firmly on the pedals and remain on the pedals when revolving around the full circle.

  • Push then fade as your child learns to pedal forward, making sure there is no difficulty, pushing the pedals to make a forward motion.
  • Next, when your child is stopped, turn the handlebars to the left or right and encourage your child to pedal, as the bike turns in the direction of the handlebars (give a little push to start your child moving if necessary).
  • Encourage your child to turn the handlebars to the left or right, first while stationary and then while moving.
  • When your child is turning independently, you can create simple obstacle courses with objects, encouraging your child to go around each object making simple turns.