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Responding to Yes/No Questions (using words or gestures)

“Don’t Make Me Guess, Is It No Or Yes?”

  • During your child’s play activities and daily routines, give him many opportunities to make choices.

Ask your child questions that require a “yes/no” response.  Begin with “yes/no” questions that you know he knows the answer to.  Repeat (and answer) the question if necessary. Use verbal praise with each appropriate response.

  • Ask silly questions where the answer is obvious (e.g., Show your child a picture of a ball and say, “Is this a dog?”  If he doesn’t respond, you provide the correct answer).
  • Stress your response by exaggerating your voice and by making playful facial expressions.  Move your child’s head to nod “yes” or shake “no.”
  • Provide your child with a model and appropriate response. Point to the object or person used in the question asked.