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Responding To “No”

“I Said No!”

  • Firmly say “No” when your child is touching or doing something that is not allowed.  Be consistent and committed to following through.  Remember, it is also important to teach your child acceptable behavior.
  •  Children often tests limits.  Therefore, this technique will have to be repeated again and again (and again and again!).  Always praise your child, even for the briefest cessation of the undesired activity (e.g., “Good Listening!”).
  • Say “No,” then physically remove your child from the situation. Use a touch or a soft squeeze to inhibit your child from continuing.
  • Shake your head from side to side to indicate “no” and/or move your finger from side to side as you re-enact the undesired activity.
  • Point to the object your child is not supposed to be touching while saying/gesturing “No!”
  • In a firm, strong voice tell your child “no” to inhibit him from continuing.