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Requesting Help To Clean-Up Spills

“Into Each Life, A Little Spill Must Fall”

Your child may be resistant to help or may not know when or how to ask for help. Here are suggestions to help:

  • When suggesting that your child help you, give the language necessary for the task. Your child may not ask for help when something spills if your child does not have the right words. (e.g., “Do you want me to help you clean up your juice? I know you spilled your juice. It’s ok.”).
  • Know that making mistakes is a part of learning and helps your child to become independent.
  • Even when it is easier for you to clean up something that your child has done (e.g., a spill) give your child opportunities to help you.
  • When your child does demonstrate an interest in helping you with activities, let your child know that “Help is appreciated”.
  • Let your child know that if the activity is too much, you are there to help (some children will not even attempt an activity if it seems too overwhelming to them).
  • Give your child positive feedback whether he is successful or not. If your child only receives praise when the task is completed, your child may not even attempt it if he thinks success is not possible.