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Removing Clothes

“Undress Yourself and Get Ready For Your Bath!”

  • Give your child opportunities to assist with undressing.
  • Make undressing fun and interesting for your child.
  • Play “Peekaboo” as you pull on your child’s shirt.
  • Create absurdities, such as placing your child’s sock on your head or shirt on your foot.
  • Partially remove your child’s clothing and encourage him to assist in completing the task.
  • Give your child opportunities to remove clothing from a doll and stuffed animal.
  • Remove your child’s clothing (socks, shoes), than have your child try to remove yours.
  • Give your child your clothing to play dress up with.  Larger clothing is easier to remove.
  • Place your child in front of the mirror for visual feedback.
  • Provide assistance when necessary.  Remove prompts as your child becomes more independent with undressing.