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Remaining in Designated Play Areas


  • Bring your child to a place such as an outside playground, a friend’s house, an indoor play area. Show where your child is allowed to play and explain that he must stay in that area.
  • Make sure that your child understands spatial locations when given boundaries (e.g., outside the fence, behind the gate, around the wall).
  • Make sure that your child understands the restrictions and ask him to demonstrate understanding by showing you (either verbally or physically, whichever your child is capable of).
  • Place yourself in area where you can view your child but where he does not know you are watching.
  • Observe your child while playing independently or with friends, making sure that he does not leave the play area designated.
  • If your child does leave, go and remind him of the area allowed and bring your child back there. Ask verbally why he left as the reason may make sense to your child (the ball rolled off the lawn and into the street). Discuss what he should do the next time if he needs to leave the location (e.g., go and tell you the ball went into the street).
  • If your child does remain in the designated area independently, make sure you praise him for great listening. Positive reinforcement will encourage your child to stay in a specified area the next time!