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Referring To Self By Name

“Speak Up And Be Heard”

Children use the name you choose for them for life.  Your child will be known on the playground, in school, and on his first job interview by the name you choose for him.

  • Sit with your child in front of the mirror.  Emphasize his name as you point to the reflection.  After repeating the activity, ask your child, “Who is this?” as you point to the mirror.
  • Exaggerate your inflection and vocal patterns to keep your child interested.
  • Play silly games such as “Peek a Boo,” or “Hide and Seek.”  Ask, “Where is Junior?” , which enables your child ’s name to be heard frequently.
  • Talk on a play telephone.  Greet your child by saying “Hi Junior”, “Bye Junior” and  “How are you Junior?”
  • Show your child a photograph of himself.  Point to the picture.  Ask, “Who is this?” and teach him to respond to the question, “What is your name?”  (Model the response).
  • Use visual and physical prompts to help elicit a response.
  • Have family members and friends ask your child, “What’s your name?”
  • Praise and reinforce your child each time he says his name spontaneously.