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“Can I Have Some?  Can I Have Some?  Can I Have Some?”

The word more is a very functional word for children starting at an early age. It can be used as a general request for more toys, food or even to perpetuate a desired activity.

  • Play interactive games that your child enjoys. Stop, look at your child and wait for a response.

  • Give him a favorite snack, one small piece at a time. Pause and wait for your child to ask for more.
  • Stack a tower of blocks then knock them down. Give your child one block and hold the others, pausing to prompt him to respond/request.
  • Withhold desired objects throughout the day. Model responses when necessary (e.g., “More cookie”; “More blocks”). Ask your child, “What do you want?” Encourage him to respond by using models, delayed models and partial cues. Verbally praise your child’s ppropriate responses, re-enforce the use of recurrence by giving him the desired items.