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Recognizing the Names of Others

“And you are…?”

  • Use your child’s name frequently while making eye contact and gesturing toward the person being named (e.g., Have grandma ask, “Where is Mommy?” while pointing and looking to Mommy).
  • Use songs/games with names (e.g., “The Itsy-Bitsy Mommy climbed up the water spout”  “The wheels on Mommy’s bus go round-and-round”).
  • Look into a mirror and physically touch a specific person while using that person’s name. The reflection in the mirror will provide your child with visual feedback.
  • Pair a person’s name with various interesting noisemakers (e.g., bell, whistles). It is important to observe how a child responds to certain sounds.  Make sure to use sounds that the child enjoys and not one that he fears.