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Put Shoes on Correct Feet

“Do You Have Two Left-Feet?”

  • Have your child select a pair of shoes from a pile of several.
  • Encourage your child to sit on the floor or a chair as your child attempts to put on the shoes.
  • Physically assist your child with placing the shoe on the appropriate foot if necessary.
  • Lace each shoe from the pair with a different color shoelace (right shoe yellow lace, left shoe green lace).
  • Place the same color sock on your child’s foot (yellow sock on right foot, green sock on left foot).
  • Show your child to match the colored sock with the appropriate shoelace.
  • Show your child the differences in the right and left shoes.
  • Model placing shoes on the correct foot.
  • Point to the right shoe and then to your child’s right foot.
  • Remove the colored laces to see how your child does without the cue.