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“And You Are?”

  • Use proper nouns and pronouns when looking at photographs of family members and at pictures in books.
  • Model the use of pronouns several times throughout the day (e.g., “This is mine,” “This is his,” “This is hers,” “That is yours”).
  • Show a photograph of yourself and your child.  Say “That’s you,” as you point to a picture of your child, and “This is me,” as you point to a picture of yourself.  Then ask your child “Who is this?” and point to one of the pictures.  Model the response.
  • Play turn-taking games.  Say to your child, “My turn,” “Your turn,” “His turn,” “Her turn,” Then ask him, “Who’s turn is it?”
  • Present your child with a favorite snack and say, “Who wants one?”  Model responses such as “Me!” or “I do!”, “He does!” or “She does!”
  • Introduce various items that belong to different people.  Ask who the items belong to and model responses. Then use delayed models, partial cues, (say the initial sound of a word), and eventually eliminate all prompts.