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Available by Request is your Early Intervention “Headquarters” for Telehealth.

Up Wee Grow, Inc. is adapting to the needs of children, families, and our therapists in response to the COVID-19 public health crisis. Whether a child is just entering the Early Intervention Program or is already receiving service, Up Wee Grow is here to help therapists and parents provide continuity of care. Children and families can have all the instruction and tools needed for success, delivered remotely by PT’s, OT’s, Speech Therapists, and ABA Teachers from Up Wee Grow.

COVID-19 Updates

Ongoing Updates Regarding EI & CPSE during COVID-19:

2-9-2023 – NYC Updated Early Intervention Program COVID-19 Precaution Guidance

6-13-2022 Updated EIP COVID-19 Precaution Guidance

4-8-2022 NYS Revised Guidance on Masks, Toys, and Groups in the EIP

2-10-2022 NYC BEI Isolation and Quarantine Requirements

1-6-2022 NYC BEI COVID-19 Updated Guidance

11-23-2021 – NASSAU – Acknowledgment of In-Person Services

11-23-2021 – NASSAU – COVID-19 Health Screening Assessment – 5 days

11-19-2021 NYC Covid-19 Vaccination and Mask Requirements for EI Providers

8-3-2021 – From the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

3-1-2021 NY Times – Diagnosing Autism in the Pandemic

12-7-2020 – Cleaning of Test Materials

10-6-2020 – NYC BEI Letter re Availability of In Person EI Services in NYC Zipcodes

9-22-2020 – COVID-19 Case Reporting Requirements for Early Intervention Providers

9-22-2020 Teletherapy Services without a Visual Component – DOH Guidance

7-13-2020 NYC DOE Evaluation Guidance

6-26-2020 – Suffolk Guidance on Resuming Home Visits in Early Intervention

6-22-2020 – NYC EI Return to In-Person Services Action Plan During COVID-19

6-22-2020 – NYC BEI Guidance for Using Materials Found in the Home and Community During Early Intervention Services

6-20-2020 NYSED GUIDANCE – Supplement-3 QA Memo

6-20-2020 NYSED GUIDANCE – Supplement-2 QA Memo

6-18-2020 NYS BEI – RE-OPENING EI Services

6-18-2020 – DOH – Homecare Services Updated Guidance

6-18-2020 NYS BEI – FAQs Numbers 38 to 56

6-08-2020 DOH Special Edcuation In Person Guidance

UPDATED 4-13-2020 – An Interactive Timeline of “Guide-Sense From Up Wee Grow” to accurately update & inform our therapists and teachers

4/27/2020 – NYC Department of Education Publishes Additional Guidance

4-13-2020 – NYC BEI Checklist for Teletherapy Evaluations During the COVID-19

4-13-2020 – NYC DOHMH BEI Guidance for Teletherapy for Services and Evaluations – Orig 3-18-2020 Updated 4-13-20

4-13-2020 – NYC BEI Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Teletherapy During COVID-19 – Originally 4-8-20 Updated 4-13-20

4-2-2020 – NY State EI – Additional & Updated FAQs Related to Virtual Visits During COVID-19 Declared State of Emergency

3-31-20 – SUFFOLK CPSE Guidance for Related Services and 3-31-20 SUFFOLK CPSE Related Service Forms to be Used

3-30-2020 – Updated Guidance from NASSAU Early Intervention

3-30-2020 NYC BEI Resources and Graphic for Telehealth Services

3-27-2020 – NY STATE ED Guidance – COVID-19 Provision of Services During Statewide School Closure

SERVICE LOG – Most Current Version – for Telehealth Sessions and Signatures (Downloads in MS Word)



3-25-20 – Guidance on Teletherapy for Nassau Related Service Providers ONLY

3-23-2020 – GUIDE-SENSE of the GUIDANCE – Summary of Guidance for use of Telehealth for NY City, Suffolk, and Nassau Early Intervention Therapists and Teachers

HOW TO VIDEOS – Telehealth in Early Intervention

A Video Message from Up Wee Grow to our Therapists and Teachers on our “New Normal” and Telehealth

3-23-2020 – NY STATE MEDICAID Comprehensive Guidance Regarding Use of Telehealth including Telephonic Services During the COVID-19 State of Emergency – Updated Frequently – Check Regularly

3-21-2020 – UNITED STATES Department of Education Guidance

3-20-2020 Important Update on Telehealth in Nassau County

3-19-2020 FAQ’s Related to Virtual Early Intervention Visits During COVID-19 Declared State of Emergency

3-18-2020 – NY City Early Intervention Guidance for Teletherapy for Service Sessions and Evaluations During COVID-19

3-18-2020 – NYS Guidance to EI Providers Regarding COVID-19-V7-final

3-18-2020 Telehealth Information – From Up Wee Grow

3-18-2020 (Received) – DOH_COVID19_HomeCareServices_031620

3-17-2020 – NYC BEI Family Checklist for Telehealth for COVID Final

3-17-2020 – HIPAA Laws Relaxed – Notification of Enforcement Discretion for telehealth remote communications during the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency

3-17-20 – Effective Wednesday March 18 2020 SUSPENSION of the SUFFOLK County Early Intervention and Preschool programs

3-17-20 – Effective Wednesday March 18 2020 SUSPENSION of the NASSAU County Early Intervention and Preschool programs

The Latest from the CDC

NYC Department of Health

NYS Department of Education

Your most up-to-date source of information for the COVID-19 in New York State is the NYSDOH website

3-16-2020 Current Guidance for the Early Intervention and Preschool programs as of Monday March 16 2020 at 1pm

3-16-2020 Status Update Regarding CPSE Preschools, CPSE Related Services, and EI Services from Suffolk DOH

3-16-2020 NYSED Guidance on COVID-19 for Preschool Special Class and Special Class in an Integrated Setting programs

3-16-2020 The Decision to Continue or Suspend Services

3-13-2020 NYC DOHMH Bureau of Early Intervention COVID-19 Phone IFSP Guidance

3-13-2020 Nassau Early Intervention Program Make-Up Policy and Billing Regulations

3-13-2020 Can Early Intervention Services be delivered via Telehealth?

3-12-2020 Letter To Therapists and Teacher Regarding Contact Information for Service Interruptions

3-12-2020 Interim Guidance For All IFSP Meetings To Begin Immediately

3-11-2020 NYC EI Family Decisions to Suspend Services Documentation and COVID-19

3-10-2020 Suffolk County COVID-19 Letter

3-10-2020 Answer to the Question if school district closes due to the Corona Virus, can I still provide services following the school district calendar

3-9-20 Pre-Appointment Screening Questionnaire

3-4-2020 Notification and Guidance from NYC EI

3-3-2020 NYC Home Visit Considerations for Staff of Organizations that Provide Services that Necessitate Prolonged Close Contact

2-27-2020 NYS Department of Health Information Sheet on Coronavirus

NYS Department of Health Information Sheet on Coronavirus – February 27, 2020

New York State Medicaid Update – March 2020 Special Edition – COVID-19