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Possession & Possessives

“Yours, Mine & Ours”

  • Ask your child questions throughout the day about people’s possessions
  • (e.g., “Who’s _____ is this?”).
  • Model the response if necessary (e.g., “This is daddy’s _____;” “This is my _____;” “This is Junior’s _____.”).
  • Look at photographs and talk about who is doing what in the pictures.
  • Allow your child to help you put the clothes away after doing laundry.  Label the clothes by whom they belong to (e.g., “Mommy’s shirt, Daddy’s socks, Junior’s pants”).
  • During a play activity, hold up your child’s favorite toy and say, “This is my ball,” look toward him and wait for a response.
  • Put a photograph of your child’s family members on the outside of a box. Place several of their belongings in each.  Encourage your child to help you.  Hold up one object at a time.  Ask him, “Whose is this?”   If he does not respond, point to the picture of the family member, pause, than model the appropriate response (e.g., Daddy’s sock)