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“Use Your Pointer, Sister”

Pointing is the most basic and simplest means of communication. For most people, it is an effective method of communicating regardless of the language you speak.

  • Point at various objects throughout your child’s day to day activities.
  • When bathing, point to your his head, nose, legs, belly, eyes, etc, and label them. Take your child’s index finger and point to the various body parts, as you guide his hand. Do the same with dressing as you point to the various pieces of clothing.
  • Take walks with your child and point to things (near and far) that you see and hear. Then label them.
  • Point to people in photographs such as friends and family members.

  • Point to food in the grocery store, in the refrigerators, cabinets or on the table.
  • Sing finger play songs that incorporate pointing (e.g., “Willabee Wallobee”).
  • Model pointing throughout the day.
  • Give your child choices by presenting two objects, (one more desirable than the other) then ask, “Do you want _________ or ________?”
  • Reward your child’s pointing by giving him the desired item.