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Obtaining and Holding onto Objects

“You Little Go-Getter”

Using problem-solving skills to obtain and hold onto objects is important because it builds a sense of efficacy, and opens up your child’s world to the excitement of exploration and opportunities to learn how things work:

  • Hold one small block in front of your child.  Encourage him to pick it up with either hand. Next, offer your child another block. Your child will most likely pick it up with the empty hand. Then offer a third block.
  • Initially (7-8 months), Your child will drop one block to pick up the third block.  Eventually (9-10 months), Your child will try to pick up the third block in one of the hands already holding a block.
  • Place an object out of reach (on top of a table/shelf, under a bed/table).  Give your child different props that could help your child obtain the object (a low stool, a small stick).  Encourage him to get the object, using something to help.  See if your child can figure out how to place the small stool and use it to climb, or use a stick to push a toy out from under a couch.
  • Place a toy beyond reach ON an object that remains within reach (e.g., put a doll beyond reach on a placemat that remains within reach).  Encourage your child to obtain the toy.  See if he figures out how to pull on the placemat to obtain the doll (prompt as necessary with hand-over-hand guidance, pointing, and/or demonstrations).