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Naming Familiar Objects When Shown An Incomplete Picture of the Object

“Is It One Vase or Two Faces?”


A variety of familiar objects in pictures (cut out of magazines). Cut each of the pictures into two equal pieces (the pictures may be sturdier if glued onto the tag-board first before cutting in two).

  • Place one side of each of the pictures aside, out of your child’s view.
  • Show a “half” picture to your child and ask, “Can you tell me what this is?”
  • Your child may be able to tell you what the object is by only seeing half of it. If he can, great! It shows your child has the ability to relate a part of something to the whole object. If he can’t, that’s ok. Go on to the next picture and see if your child can name it when given only half. Do this with all the pictures present.
  • After your child has been shown all the picture “halves”, let him take each half and find the identical half from the pile put aside. If unable to identify the object when given a half, now see if your child can identify the object when seeing the “whole” picture.

If you want to try another task, draw objects by hand or trace from a book that are missing certain characteristics (e.g., a chair that is missing a leg, a face with no nose, and only one eye). Present each picture and ask what is missing. If your child guesses correctly, ask him to draw in the missing characteristics. If this is difficult, prompt until your child is able to figure out what is missing.