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Walking Alone

“These Boots Are Made For Walkin”

  • Walk holding both of your child’s hands, then just hold one hand, then briefly withdraw and re-introduce your  hand(s) for support.
  • When you return after an absence, verbally greet your child from a distance, but wait until he approaches you.
  • Hold favorite toys at eye level (rather than leaving them on the floor). Also, place favorite toys at eye level on a stable surface 2-3 feet away (on the couch while child stands holding onto a chair).
  • Encourage your child to throw trash (e.g., diapers) into a garbage pail with a rim that is about at his chest level.
  • Encourage use of push and pull toys.
  • Separate toys that usually go together (e.g., a doll and a bottle; a basketball and a hoop; a car and a track), but leave each toy within your child’s visual field.
  • Prompt your child to push a riding toy from behind while walking.