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Looking Both Ways Before Crossing the Street

“What is the Chicken Supposed To Do Before Crossing The Road?”

  • Accompany your child to a road or street where there is no traffic light and explain that you are going to cross the street together.
  • Before you cross, explain to your child that you must look both ways before crossing to make sure no cars are coming.
  • Talk to your child as you are looking to the left and right, explaining your actions as you do them. Encourage him to do the same.
  • Walk quickly across the road. Explain to your child that you must not walk slowly or hesitate when crossing a road as a car can always come.
  • Repeat the same procedure by crossing the road back to your original spot, again explaining each step.
  • Now encourage your child to walk across the street independently. Watch that your child looks both ways before crossing and walks quickly to the other side.
  • It is very important that you stress to your child that when a car is coming down the road but is not yet there, he should never try to “beat” a car by trying to run across before it reaches the spot where your child is.