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“Where Is It?”

The words that define relationships in space are called spatial concepts.  These words help us to find and describe the location of something. Children can learn these words in their daily routines and interactions.

  • Place toys in different locations (e.g., in the box, under the chair, on the table, between the books, behind the door, next to the doll, near the doll, near the refrigerator, up/down stairs, etc).
  • Play hide and seek with your child’s favorite toys, then give hints including location words (e.g., “I think your ball may be under the couch).
  • Use puzzles, sorters, trucks and other toys where your child can put things in, and take them out.
  • Allow/help your child to clean up his toys (e.g., place books on the shelf, toys in the toy box, push chairs under the table, etc).
  • While doing these activities guide your child’s hand to help him place objects in different locations.
  • Point to the object once you have placed it in the desired location and verbalized the location of the object.