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Learning to Cut with Scissors

“Has Anyone Seen The Other Half of My Necktie?!”

First, determine if your child is left or right-handed. Then, you will need to have the appropriate child scissors and some paper ready for this activity.

  • cutting-ribbonShow your child the scissors and the paper. Demonstrate cutting, talking about what you are doing as you cut (e.g., “First, you open the scissors Put the paper in between the scissors. Make sure your thumb is up. Hold the paper with the other hand while you cut. Close the scissors all the way. Open scissors while pushing forward, then close them again”).
  • Observe how your child holds the scissors. If your child’s grasp needs correcting, physically change the grasp (some kids hold the scissors horizontally to the paper instead of vertically). Remind your child the thumb is “up”.
  • Encourage your child to make a small cut in the paper, reminding him to hold the paper steady with the other hand.
  • Once your child is able to effectively make a cut into the paper, here are some activities you can do as well.