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“LEARNING by EARNING” (Not anticipating what your child wants)

If money grew on trees would you be motivated to work as hard as you do now??$!!

By making things “too easy” or “too available” your child may not be motivated to try to use gestures or speak. (Hey all of you kind relatives, older siblings, and babysitters, this means you too!).

  • Place desired objects out of your child’s reach but still within view
  • Don’t anticipate your child’s every need. Don’t be so quick to refill an empty juice cup. Let your child make some attempt to tell you first.
  • ”Forget” to give your child a spoon at mealtime.
  • Create absurdities (e.g., only put on one of your child’s shoes). Wait for him to ask for the other.
  • When you turn on the TV, intentionally leave the sound off. Give your child the opportunity to respond to each situation.