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Laughing Out Loud

“Baby You’re A Laugh Riot”

Language occurs gradually through interaction with people, activities and the environment.

Your child responds to your cues. Prompt and encourage playful interactions. Create situations in which your child must use some form of communication.   

  • Tease your child throughout the day (e.g., pretend to drink from the baby bottle).
  • Create absurdities (e.g., place your child’s hat on your foot).
  • Make silly sounds and faces.
  • Play games such as peek-a-boo, “so big,” and tickling.
  • Play chasing games.
  • Sing fun, interactive songs (e.g., “This Little Piggy went to the Market”).
  • Laugh along with your child. Respond enthusiastically when he responds.
  • Repeat your child’ favorite activities.