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Knowing “9 – 1 – 1” and When To Use It

“Just in Case”

It is very important that your child knows how to reach someone in an emergency as soon as possible.


  • Discuss various situations that your child would need to use an emergency number (e.g., you are in need of assistance and no one is around to help him).
  • Make sure that your child understands in which situations the number would be used.  Make up a game, giving both situations where he would use the number and other situations where he would not.  Ask when your child would use the number. You can discuss this verbally or you may use pictures to make it easier for him to understand.
  • Tell your child the emergency number several times, again telling him this number is only to be used in emergency situations.
  • Let your child recite the number for you several times. If he has difficulty recalling it for you, show your child the number on paper and have him write the number several times to reinforce it.
  • Have your child practice pushing the correct numbers on the phone (use a phone that is not hooked up so the call does not actually go through).
  • Do role-playing with your child on the phone to practice knowing what to say when speaking with an emergency operator.