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Interjecting Words with Intonations to Sing Familiar Songs:

Recite your child’s favorite nursery rhymes.

  • Sing his favorite songs. Choose songs that have repetitive phrases, such as “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” “Happy Birthday,” “Wheels on the Bus,” and “Old Macdonald.”
  • Use finger play gestures and facial expressions as you sing the songs.
  • Present your child with pictures and actions to go along with the rhymes and songs.
  • Dance along to the rhythm of the songs. Hold your child’s hands and have him join you.
  • Encourage your child to sing along. Stress key words in the songs. Pause and wait for your child to respond.
  • Access a microphone (and if you can get a microphone with a tape recorder that’s even better).
  • Use vocalizations to experience and enjoy feedback from your child’s voice.