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Jargon Interjected With True Words

“And If That Mocking Bird Don’t Sing, Mama’s Gonna Get a Baby-Talk De-Coding Ring”

Babbling is a normal part of language development. These productions eventually emerge into more purposeful vocalizations and then into true words.  Children try to engage their parents in conversation using their babble. Parents often say that it sounds like their child is speaking another language. These vocalizations are called jargon.  There’s a good chance that your child has tried to convey a message and has become frustrated when you couldn’t figure out what he was saying. 

  • Children will try to engage their parents in conversation using their jargon. Listen as your child vocalizes. Respond to these vocalizations as if you understand them. Repeat back to your child (using words) what you think has said.
  • Use changes in vocal patterns and inflections as you speak to your child.
  • Maintain eye contact with your child. This is an important indicator in any interaction or conversation that the person is interested and listening to what you are saying.
  • Respond to your child’s attempt to communicate. When a child’s vocalizations are met with a response, they become excited and will likely continue the back and forth exchange. 
  • Your child will eventually learn from your modeling and interject words within the jargon.