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Indicating a Wet or Soiled Diaper

“HELP! Somebody, Please Save Me (From Myself)!”

  • Observe your child’s verbal and non-verbal signals for indicating a soiled or wet diaper (e.g., vocalizations, hugging, pointing, and an awkward walk).
  • Immediately change the diaper as soon as your child indicates that it is a soiled diaper.
  • Verbally indicate that the diaper is wet or soiled as you change it.
  • Distinguish between a wet and soiled diaper and a dry or clean diaper by changes in facial expressions (e.g., hold and scrunch your nose for a dirty diaper and smile for a clean one).
  • Make your child aware of a wet or soiled diaper.
  • Describe to your child the indicators of a wet or soiled diaper (e.g., the smell, look, and feel of it).
  • Place your child in pull-ups during the day.  They absorb less, which will make your child more uncomfortable and aware of a wet, soiled diaper.
  • Associate a gesture, word, or another signal with your child’s wet or soiled diaper.
  • Model the signal and have your child imitate you before changing the wet or soiled diaper.
  • Repeat these techniques until your child independently indicates a wet/soiled diaper.