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Increasing Vocabulary

“Talkin’ Up A Storm”

Children learn to understand word labels when they are used over and over again in their play and daily activities (e.g., mealtime, dressing, bathing). Developing a vocabulary occurs naturally when you talk about what your child sees, hears, and experiences.  Regularly introduce new word labels.

  • Introduce new words in different sentences and stress the words to draw attention to them.
  • Consistently present the newly learned word labels in various situations.
  • Label objects in your child’s environment.
  • Label toys and actions during play with your child.
  • Label foods and utensils during mealtime.
  • Label clothes while dressing your child.
  • Label objects used for bathing (e.g., soap, washcloth, towel).
  • Take your child for walks and label what you see and hear (e.g., car, tree, plane, bird).
  • Use names of people.
  • Read books and label pictures of objects, actions, and descriptive words.
  • Sing your child’s favorite songs.
  • Label objects one by one as you give them to your child.
  • Present the known object with 2 that are unfamiliar to your child.
  • Provide the word label of the object and ask your child to retrieve it.
  • Present your child with the object and narrate actions as the object is used.
  • Present pictures of objects to help your child comprehend the word label in a more abstract form.
  • Guide your child’s hand toward the object, toy, and person, as you label them.
  • Show your child the objects in an animated manner as you label them.
  • Point to, reach and turn your child’s head toward the objects or pictures labeled.
  • Label and describe objects, people, and pictures.